The trend of outdoors cooking has been around for quite some time. For some, it is customary, while for others, it is a means to socialize with near and dear ones. When it comes to the outdoor or what some like to call backyard cooking, you may find many options.

Flat top grills are one such option. You may have seen them around but if you are interested in learning more about them and how you can benefit from their use, continue reading to find out.

What are flat-top grills, and why buy them

Flat top grills have a large, flat cooking surface, hence the name. They are also known as griddles and are similar to gas grills. However, the difference is that a gas grill has grill grates or rods, whereas flat-top grills have a large flat carbon steel sheet. Most flat-top grills have gas burners for heat and a circular heating element designed for uniform heat provision. However, some models use wood or charcoal for the purpose.

You can use them for cooking all the things that you do not want to grill or smoke. They do not give the food the grill marks characteristic of conventional grills but be it vegetables, rice, burgers, eggs, sausages or any such food; you can use the griddled surface of the flat top griddle for cooking easily.

In addition to using the flat top grill for cooking different types of food, another benefit is that grease or oil from the food does not drip down as it does in conventional grills. The grease from the food drips down and may cause flare-ups. However, there are a few designs with small holes on the surface, which cause the grease to drip and is quite a hassle to clean.

Also, the food does not come directly in contact with the burner’s flame. So, if you want to avoid the smoky flavor, flat-top grills are the ones to have. Some grills come with tables on the side that you can use to put cooked or uncooked food. There are also some with wheels, making mobility easier. Additionally, the flat top grill is equipped with a thermometer that enables efficient heat management and cooking of food at the right temperature.

Final remarks

Flat top grills are versatile and come in many designs and sizes. You can add a griddle to your gas grill burner if you want a make-shift version.

Flat top grills not only present an easy cooking method, but they are also helpful in cooking large amounts of food at one time. If you are health conscious, you can use them to prepare food in a healthy way with little to no oil. They are easy to clean, and most come in a functional design that is easy to move and maneuver.

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